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Want to fly ? Fly with Mad Chicken. Remember to avoid the asteroids and fly as possible. Challenge friends and family

How many poits you can get? Run and jump on the blocks of land, if you fall its game over.
Increase yout score by eating carrots. Beware with the apples, these are poisoned and take away points.

Do you love cats? Do you enjoy the classic game of pong? Then you will love this game. Play as a cat and with a ball or wool. The aim is to defeat your cat-opponent in a simulated table-tennis game by earning a higher score.

Entertaining and simple. FarmAnimals - Names and Sounds - gives kids the opportunity to play the piano and learn sounds and names of farm animals. Let them LEARN and have FUN!

Stack up cream cookies as high as possible. The higher you get, the higher your score. *Unlock 3 secret games* Have fun with Cookie Crea,

EASY, Entertaining and simple. FarmAnimals - Roulette- give kids the opportunity to learn sounds and names of farm animals by spinning a roulette. Spin the roulette and let them LEARN and have FUN.

Penguin lives alone in a magical world, isolated from the universe because of his past. But suddenly, his peaceful life has been interrupted and his past has catch up with him. Pinguin´s world has been infected by zombies. His only chance for survival, is to accept who he is and neutralize the enemy.

Will teach kids and toddlers:

  1. Geometric Shapes
  2. Colors
  3. Numbers
  4. And their position around the clock.
Available in two languages: english and spanish. Let them LEARN and have FUN.

Let your kids have fun! Painting and drawing with Coloring Book by CMD which gives your toddlers the opportunity to relax and be creative.
It contains 15 coloring pages. It´s easy. TAP to paint.

Empresa de construcción.
"More Machinery, More Power"

Paola Camarena
"All you need"

Pinky Promise
Spa | Party
"Es una opción de esparcimiento en Culiacan para niñas."

Don Juan
Bière brut.
"Just be one"

"Expertos en construcción"

Arquitectos Cero Uno
Firma de arquitectos.
"construyendo y transformando"

codigó fn
"Estamos en codigó"

Tito León

Nova Project
"Construyendo proyectos"